Knife Sharpening

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Waterstone knife (and straight razor) sharpening by hand

Shiba's Knives To Sharpen

What folks are saying…

…”I can’t believe how sharp my chef’s knife is! I have had that one sharpened before, but now it is like a brand new knife. You’re the Knife King!”

~ Candace

Our knife (and straight razor) sharpening and repair rates are as follows:

Paring knives $6.00
Larger knives $10.00
Japanese paring knives $10.00
Larger Japanese knives $15.00
Pocket knives $6.00
Straight Razors $15.00
Repairs start at $5.00

How do I get my knives (or straight razors) sharpened/repaired?

Just bring your knives to any of our locations (Calgary Inglewood, Calgary Farmers’ MarketKelowna, Edmonton or Ottawa). Not near either of our shops? Then mail your knives to us! Click here for mailing instructions

Bring your Knives Safely into Knifewear Kelowna or Knifewear Calgary

What is the best way to transport my knives?

If you are bringing them into the shop, then wrap them in towels, newspaper, cardboard – anything that will protect the blades and you! If you are bringing in a lot of knives, then after wrapping, place them in a box.

how to package and mail your knives to be sharpened - safely

Knifewear Mail-In Sharpening


How Do I Mail Knives in for Sharpening?

If you find yourself too far away to bring your knives in personally, simply ship them to us instead. Follow these directions,if you are sending your knives in the post.

What about the Calgary Farmer’s Market – Can I get you to sharpen my knives there?

Funny you should mention that… why YES! yes you can! You can now drop your knives off at the Calgary Farmer’s Market Knifewear shop (right next to Silk Road Spice merchants) – and then go about your shopping and coffee drinking activities before picking up your professionally sharpened knives on your way out.


I hand sharpen knives on a series of water stones. For European knives I start with a 250 grit waterstone and then refine the edge with 600 grit and 1000 grit stones. For Japanese blades I continue polishing the edge with 2000 grit, 3000 grit, 5000 grit 8000 grit, 10,000 grit and maybe a 12,000 grit stone to refine the edge. I finish with a graphite rub and/or leather strop. This is the way knives are sharpened at the factory/workshop where they are made. In my opinion it’s the only way to return a blade to its original sharpness.

Every knife is constructed individually from different materials so each knife needs unique attention. I’ll sharpen most European blades to 22 degrees, Japanese blades to 15 degrees and the finest/handmade Japanese blades to 11 degrees. These are the guidelines I follow for what I believe give the sharpest knife with great edge retention, but I’m willing to sharpen to personal preference.

I also sharpen single-edged blades with or without a koba or micro edge. Personally I use my Yanagiba and Miroshi without a koba and my Deba with a koba.


Repairs I perform include re-aligning the blade profile, fixing tips, repairing chips in the blade, and shining the blade face.

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How often do knives need re-sharpening?

How long is a piece of string?

This is an impossible question to answer. How hard you strike the cutting board with each cut? What the knife is made of? How addicted are you to extreme sharpness? How the knife is being honed and how the knife is stored are all factors that affect the answer.

The best answer is once the knife stops performing as you like bring it in for sharpening. I believe in periodic knife maintenance just as I believe in changing the oil in my car. If you don’t know how or couldn’t be bothered to sharpen knives yourself then find someone whom you trust to do the job.

A sharp knife is a safer knife and makes the user happy. Think about slicing a tomato.



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